Foto Seksi Ida Ayu Kadek Devi

Ida Ayu Kadek Devi sexy photos sessions in swimming pool for website Indonesian celebrity. Ida Ayu Kadek Devi is also often a guest star Tawa Sutra Bisaa Ajaa.
Ida Ayu Kadek Devi was born in Bandung, 7 November 1985. Balinese descent girl..She started career at entertainment in 2003, when she participated at "Gadis Sampul" election and become one of Top Guest 2003 in Aneka Yess!! Magazine, a famous magazine for teen girls in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta.

TV Series
* Cinta 2020
* Indahnya Karunia-Mu
* Celana Bulu Jeans
* Aku Cemburu (2006)
* Jangan Berhenti Mencintaiku (2005)
* Senandung Masa Puber

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Ida Ayu Kadek Devi Ratu FTV Indonesia

Ida Ayu Kadek Devi most popular star FTV Indonesia, her fans like because she have sweet face and pretty. Ida Ayu Kadek Devi born November 7, 1985, or better knows as Kadek Devi is an Indonesian actress. She was born in Bandung, Indonesia .
Ida Ayu Kadek Devi started her career in the entertainment industry around the year 2003 Indonesia. It also came just a fad because follow-up election cover girl.

Ida Ayu Kadek Devi - It's quite a lot of activity in both soap operas and commercials he had lead roles, namely in the FTV 'Cowok Gue Pendek Bener'.
Sinetron: Cinta 2020, Celana Bulu Jeans, Aku Cemburu (2006), Jangan Berhenti Mencintaiku (2005).Aku Bukan Dia (2008)
FTV : Cowok Gue Pendek Bener

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Leona Agustine Dihardja Seksi Foto Session

Leona Agustine Dihardja sexy photos Session in magazine. Leona Agustine Dihardja also acting in sinetron Islam KTP in SCTV as Nina. Leona Agustine Dihardja also very cute in model video clip Sheila on Seven - Hari Bersamanya, in this video Leona Agustine Dihardja as student middle hight school.

Leona Agustine Dihardja in ISLAM KTP SCTV.
ISLAM KTP is a program of religious comedy series that tells the advantages possessed by human choice. Usually, the excess or the ability to realize God is actually owned guardian to realize they had the wrong road. Delivery mode is often unique and not reasonable, or even controversy. Indeed, that was a test for humans and the results were enlightening.Consciousness appears not pass through advice or example. Precisely exam and cobaanlah that awaken people. Only people with the ability to reach Ma'rifat are able to do all this.
Ustad Ali is an example of guardians of God who always has a unique way to give awareness to others. How she must bring a cleric who was so stingy in worship, although the cleric outsourced provision.So did two figures, Mamat which an unemployed, and Karyo, who works as janitor village. Through the touch of Ustad Ali, the two leaders eventually realized that no matter what their position, have the same responsibility in the eyes of God. Give awareness that work is worship, Ustad Ali can only be done without offending them.

Other figures in this religious comedy series is Sabina, the son of Ustad Ali. Like most college kids, Sabina had problems in her love life. Jinan, lover Sabina, was desperate to marry her boyfriend. Because the courtship by Ustad Ali un-Islamic. Not to mention the presence of Mahdit, men who keep records of every charitable kindness had done. Giving alms, build musala, even helping the poor was recorded in his books, records charity.
At one point, which was founded by Mahdit musala fire. Strangely, Ustad Ali are grateful. Citizens of course shocked to hear a greeting Ustad Ali.Apparently, the gratitude was even aware that after musala Mahdit burned, he need not bother looking for deeds. I'll record the good deeds a secret of Allah SWT. How he called Islamic stories packed in comedy, but laden with meaning? Watch only on channel One for All.

Leona Agustine Dihardja model video clip Sheila on Seven - Hari Bersamanya

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Leona Agustine Dihardja Indonesian Beautiful Young Actress

Leona Agustine Dihardja was born in Bandung 12 August 1990. Leona Agustine Dihardja star her career in modelling and know she is be actress sinetron and ftv.
Its been too long, I feel like lost in this world. With no one who could see me, no one who cares, nobodys trying to help me out of the pain I feel.. I was gloomy, too much irritated.. Until someday I found myself thinking.. Only me (myself) that could make me feel happy, coz only me who knows what I want, and I just wanna make it by my own. I was so damned idealist, egocentric, skeptical, and sort of irrational sometimes. But I thought it was the only thing I could do, to make me stronger and survive in my fuckin life.

One day someone has come to my world. I didnt know him at all, and I didnt know why people were keep on trying to influence me with their fuss, but I tried to ignore them, coz I wanted to know the real him by myself. So, I tried to see him, getting closer to know whats on his mind, his heart, and his soul, then I convinced myself that hes the one ..yeah the right one for me. We had been fallen apart and we made the promises in our heart. I thank god for giving me the colors in my life.. Erased all the blues.. and successfully made my days so different! By giving him into my life. And I must confess, that I love him so but love will always never be enough for us we really need progress and more time to make it all complete..But everything wasnt going on smoothly and thought we were getting out of the line.

Im sorry I was such a loser, maybe Id been giving up too soon But what am I supposed to say? Its really hard to make a deal between my heart and reality.The world doesnt belong to me.. and Im hoping too much from this world. I knew that weve been so far apart.. And Iknew that hes fine there without me,without thinking of me, without me on his side. But I dont know why he never sinks from my mind. He keeps hounding me in my thoughts Never.. I never could erase him from my mind Once, Ive tried.. But it was just useless Ive been trying to run.. Running from my illusion.. trying to face the reality, but stillits too hard for me.. Im weak, too weak for this. But suddenly he came along . unpredictably.

I didnt know what it is..... Is it a miracle? surprise? I dont understand..! And he wanted me back.. and I wasnt totally sure about that.. Was he drowning in his unawareness? Or was he telling me the truth? Its too vague.. Im trying to make it clearer, trying to figure out whats inside his mind.. Does he really want me back? Or is it just an easy-come-easy-go-crazy-decision? Well....... I want to know!!! I must figure it out! But is it too late? Did I lose my chance? He might have changed his mind.. He might have forgot what he was saying.

Well.............. then I decided to step backward. Maybe its no use for me to moan over things that is done, and hoping over things that will never be a reality.At last.......... I just wanna thank him for the beautiful, and splendid.. moments weve shared.. the jazzy nights.. the coolest tie-break row huh!...... and also the bittttter part of our love story
I hope after Im telling him what Im feeling,, I could go on my own way.. and he goes on his way he always do. Finally, Its really..really...greaaaaat to know him by my own point of view!

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